The idea of Akshara as an organization arose out of a chance meeting of Sreyashi Dey and Paroma Chatterjee at the Kolkata Airport in India, both on their way back to Ann Arbor where they live. During their conversation, they discovered a common passion to create a strong and unified platform for creating and presenting a wide range of innovative India-themed multi-arts in the southeastern Michigan/Ann Arbor community and beyond. By bringing together their extensive arts experiences – both academic and in practice, they soon founded Askshara, and created the vision for an annual multi-disciplinary arts festival, titled Rasa.

Since then, a large number of artists and community members have joined the vision of Akshara. It brings under its umbrella a wide range of artists – dancers, musicians, theater artists, writers, visual artists, film makers, media artists, and culinary entrepreneurs, and many others who are passionate about the arts. Educational outreach work in the community and nurturing young artists to provide them a space to explore and create art are important aspects of Akshara’s work.

Akshara is a platform for creativity, innovation, building community connections, cultural understanding, pushing boundaries and most of all, celebrating the arts!

Photographs and art used on our website are from our partner artists:

  • Charlee Brodsky, professor of photography, Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Uday Hajra, independent artist and photographer, Kolkata, India
  • Jeeheon Cho, photographer, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Anok Hajra, emerging photographer, Kolkata, India
  • Suchandra Hajra, educator and photographer, India
  • Hans Anderson, Akshara website design