Our Mandate

We believe that it is absolutely critical at this time to stimulate culturally diverse, open and creative dialogues in our communities. Art is a significant stimulus in this process. In the recent words of renowned artist, Shahzia Sikander, “Creativity has no national, racial or religious boundaries. It is the power of the imagination that fosters new discourse and creates new frontiers.”

We present engaging art with high artistic standards. We work deeply in the community to create meaningful educational experiences with lasting impact. We provide a platform to young and emerging artists, as well as bring well-stablished artists to our community. Our arts events create a positive economic impact in our community.

Your Role

We need your support to bring vibrant, multi-disciplinary, Indian and India-inspired arts to Michigan! Please attend our events, volunteer with us, spread the word and support us financially.

Akshara is a federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Your financial contributions are tax-deductible. Here are your giving options.