Work with Us

We would appreciate your help in our work to serve our communities through enriching arts offerings!


As we prepare for the Rasa festival in the fall of 2017, we need interested, energetic and engaged volunteers for various aspects of the festival. The benefits of working with us on this festival include getting to know people who share your interest in world cultures and arts, and are committed to bringing diversity in arts to our community.

Areas where we could use your help include:

  • social media
  • distribution of marketing materials
  • event logistics
  • transportation
  • photography/video documentation

Please consider volunteering yourself, with a friend or with a team from your organization. We will offer tickets and passes to the volunteers for the many events that will be featured in the Rasa festival.

Email us with your interest in this program or for any questions or concerns.


We have great opportunities for students and others to intern with us. The Akshara team consists of professionals (marketing, program management, market research, consulting), established artists, community leaders and academics (University of Michigan professors and researchers). Working with us provides a great learning environment, whichever field you may be interested in. We can design a flexible internship that would be mutually beneficial and enriching. Some possible internship areas include:

  • social media marketing
  • communications: writing, video, documentation
  • community educational outreach
  • youth programs
  • event planning and logistics
  • fundraising and sponsorships

Email us with your interest in this program or for any questions or concerns.